Posted by: Voice of the Wolves | March 1, 2011

Struggling for Survival

Many who attack wolves say that they are a serious threat to all other animals, that no animal species can overcome the ferocious wolf. They always catch their prey, they’re domination is absolutes. They can overcome any bear, mountain lion, elk, moose or deer.

This is, of course, false. Just like all other wild animals, wolves are struggling for survival. If a wolf does not catch it’s prey, It could starve to death. This is not to say that they are helpless animals. They are not, however, killing machines. Anti-wolf activists never mention that wolf mortality rate is fairly high. Just like bears and cougars, wolves win some, and lose some. Here is an interesting video that proves this.
Click this link:

There are two parts, one where a wolf pack attempts to hunt down a caribou, and another where a pack competes with a young grizzly for control of a moose carcass. I both attemepts, the wolves fail. This is just to show that all animals compete for survival, and the outcome is never the same.

Most people would feel at least a little sorry for the Caribou if it were caught. But you must realize that since it escaped, the wolves must use more energy to hunt more prey. Several wolves were injured, increasing the likeliness that they will starve.

Everything is balanced in nature. That is what you have to realize, and respect that balance.

~Voice of the Wolves


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