The Howl

The Howl of the Wolf
The howl of the wolf is a mysterious and wonderful sound. It is a lonely sound, even amongst a chorus of voices. It laments, it boasts, it challenges, it calls, and it tells of a magnificent creature. It tells of successful hunts. It tells of hard-fought battles won and lost. It calls out to those who listen, calls the pack to a hunt. The howl echoes across mountains and valleys, fading into the darkness. It is a sound that sends shivers down your spine, yet is wonderful as well. To those who have heard it, it is never forgotten. The howl cannot be described, and it’s haunting melody cannot be captured. It cannot be entirely understood. It is the most wild and untamed of sounds. A song of freedom, a great yet sorrowful life. This sound is the Howl of the Wolf.

Welcome to Howl of the Wolf! This blog is nearly finished, so get ready! Here at Howl of the Wolf, we have six main goals:
-To protect and save wolves
We work to help wolves in every way. The other five are how we achieve this.
-To inform you about the wolf world
We endeavor to bring you the latest  facts about wolves, and how they live.
-To learn more about wolves
We find any information we can, to help wolf conservation. We search all the latest research articles for new wolf information.
-To earn supporters of wolf conservation
We teach people the truth about wolves, that they do not deserve to be hated. We encourage people to fight for wolf rights.
-To speak out against injustice to wolves
Many people treat wolves unfairly. They hate them unjustly. Actions taken by authorities are not always best about wolves, and we work to change those actions.
-To find ways to coexist with wolves
Wolves can create potential problems. Most of them are not their fault. We suggest solutions to wolf problems, and what you can do to help the wolves of North America.

We support these wonderful animals on this blog. I hope you feel the same way, if not, maybe we can change a few of your opinions.

Explore the site, we have a variety of subjects concerning wolf conservation. Comment on anything you like, but keep comments appropriate. Anyone who sends spam or profanity will immediately lose their privileges for commenting here. Not all comments will be posted.
Also: If you have any wolf photos that you have taken (Not someone else’s), please share them with us by emailing them to: 
They maybe used around the site, leave us your name and location that the photo was taken at, and we will give you credit. We love new pictures.


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